Neck $22

Works C3 to C7 - Trapezius, Splenius Capitus & Cervisus, & Levator Scapulae. Perfect for computer users, dentists, stylists, etc. Lasts 40 - 45 min.

Cervical Lite $22

Half the weight of the Neck Pack. Perfect for small frames & the elderly. Works C4 to C7 & more lateral on the Trapezius. Lasts 30 -35 min.

Low Back / Multi-use $22

Works L4 to S3 - Multi-use - Midback or on a diagonal between shoulder blades.  Also great around front for cramps or around shoulder & knee. Lasts 40 - 45 min.

Knee / Shoulder $15

Use for rotator cuff, bursitis, or any knee problems. Wraps around & velcros on. Lasts 25-30 min. Size: 10"x 24".

Ankle / Elbow $12

Excellent for tendonitis & stressed ankles. Velcros on. Lasts 25 - 30 min. 9" x 20".

Carpal Tunnel Pack $10

Velcro on & keep typing. Lasts 25 - 30 min. 5"x 15".

Neck without ties $15

Perfect for computer users, dentists, stylists, etc. Lasts 40 - 45 min.

Shawl $18

Covers blades as well as traps- Lasts 45-50 min.

XL Pillow $22

Covers the vertical column, wraps around the hip joint- 12" x 22". Lasts over 1 hr. Weighs about 4 lbs.

Large Pillow $22

Whole back for Sciatica or Scoliosis- 12" x 18". Lasts 1 hr.

Small Pillow $12

Use anywhere - knee, shoulder and ankle. 7"x 10". Lasts 30-35 min.

Mitt $12

Whole hand & wrist for arthritis or poor circulation. Lasts 35-40 min. 

Sinus Pack $12

Ties keep pack on while resting, covers sinuses above brow & along nose. Use cold for Migraines.

Migraine Pack $14

Tie it on and move it out. Used most often cold. Lasts approx. 30 min.

Foot Warmer $25

Use for plantar fascitis or neuropathy. Slip into this toasty number on a cold night. Lasts 1 1/2 hrs.

Pocket Pack $1

Great to keep kids warm at the bus stop. Your fingers will thank you. 4" x 4". Lasts 15-20 min.

Baby / Toddler Packs $4

For boo - boos, best to store in freezer. Put in the microwave for ear infections & bellyaches. 3" diameter. Lasts 20 min.

Kids Small Pillow $5

Used for growing pains. 4" x 8". Children ages 5 & up.

Kids Neck $12

Perfect for 8 to 14 year olds who carry heavy backpacks. Helps settle autistic children.

Kids Packs $12 or  2 for $21

In soft, soothing shapes to help when heat or cold is needed to relieve the everyday bumps and bruises that your children suffer. Children’s designs are a dog, cloud, heart, football & baseball.  Best to store in freezer, an airtight bag or container.  Can go right to the microwave if necessary.