Just Chillin' Coolies

And for the newest additions to the RELAXPAK product line - Just Chillin' Coolies!!

Just Chillin' Coolies are used to prevent heat exhaustion, annoying excessive sweating, and when you are just plain hot due to many reasons. Just Chillin' Coolies are made with 100% Cotton fabric and filled with poly crystals.

To activate the crystals just soak the Coolie pack in cold or ice water (our recommendation) for approximately 30 minutes. The cooling sensation first comes from the cold or ice water the Coolie pack was soaked in and then from the wicking action of the damp Coolie pack on your skin. Depending on the air temperature and humidity you may need to refresh or cool the Coolie pack by dipping in the cold or ice water again.
The Coolie pack can be placed in a cooler or refrigerator (not the freezer) to gain greater cooling for those hot days or to keep cool when needed for work or vacations.
The Coolie pack is reusable. To maintain a long life please allow the Coolie to air dry after use. Hang the pack to dry (could take a few days). Hand wash and hang dry as needed. There are USE instructional tags on every Coolie pack.
There are several Coolie styles available - Neck, Wrist, Cleavage and Hat coolies.  See prices and styles below.

Neck/Head Coolie $7

Wrist Coolie $8/pair

Hat Coolie $5

Cleavage Coolie $4